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LG Stylo 2 Prepaid Carrier Locked – Retail Packaging (Virgin Mobile)

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LG Stylo 2 Prepaid Carrier Locked – Retail Packaging (Virgin Mobile)

LG Stylo 2 Prepaid Carrier Locked - Retail Packaging (Virgin Mobile)

  • Android 6.0 Marshmallow OS
  • 13MP Rear-Facing Camera with 5MP Front-Facing Camera
  • 5.7″ HD IPS Display
  • LG Signature Rear Keys
  • Embedded Stylus

With its sleek design, the LG Stylo 2 reinvents where power and style meet. The LG signature rear keys make it even easier to pull up Capture+. Its 13MP camera with flash and auto focus lets you record life in picture-perfect Full HD (1080p). Then, play it back on the beautiful and durable 5.7-inch HD IPS Display.

List Price: $ 179.99

Price: $ 79.99

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3 Comments to “LG Stylo 2 Prepaid Carrier Locked – Retail Packaging (Virgin Mobile)”

  1. Markeese D. Robinson says:
    162 of 166 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    This device is truly Amazing. It is a prefect tablet replacement., July 6, 2016

    I use an iPhone 6 for Business and Stylo2 for Pleasure

    I bought the Stylo2 to use as a WIFI Phone, Social Media Tool, and Media player for music, movies and gaming device.
    This device is truly Amazing. It is a prefect tablet replacement. I am extremely pleased with my purchase. This device is near perfect!

    Qualcomm Snapdragon 410 processor
    Quad-core 1.2GHz processor and 2GB of RAM deliver outstanding overall performance for opening and running applications, flipping through menus.

    Very Light and Thin, Lighter and thinner than the iPhone 6
    5.7″ HD IPS touch screen display beautiful images and colors.
    16GB Storage
    Android 6.0 Marshmallow (Runs very smooth without lagging and ability to exit apps 100% allowing better memory management)

    Android 6.0 Marshmallow OS (Locked version, will not allow you to copy APPS to SD cards. Can not make SD card the primary storage. You can only add photos, music, roms, doc and movies to SD card). Thanks to the 16GB internal storage it allows extra space for apps compared to the 8GB prepaid phones that are in the same price range .

    Back Speaker (It’s pretty loud, but you will have to get use to the sound projecting away from you)

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  2. crearealidad says:
    139 of 149 people found the following review helpful
    4.0 out of 5 stars
    … my LG Optimus 3 and so far am fairly happy with it, June 9, 2016
    crearealidad (Toledo, OH) –

    Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    This review is from: LG Stylo 2 Prepaid Carrier Locked – Retail Packaging (Virgin Mobile) (Wireless Phone Accessory)
    I purchased this phone to replace my LG Optimus 3 and so far am fairly happy with it. My previous phone lasted 2.5 years and I purchased this one specifically because it was an LG phone which appeared to be an updated, improved version of my previous model. The biggest thing to know about this phone is that it is very large to be considered a phone. You can operate it with one hand, but it’s far more comfortable with two. However, since I rarely make phone calls and mostly use this for messaging, browsing, maps, and games when away from home, this was not a drawback for me.

    Like most smartphones offered by Virgin Mobile, it comes loaded with a ton of programs I had no desire for. However, it offered more memory and a better camera than anything else they had available in the under $200 price range. And a good portion of the unwanted programs were quite easily uninstalled or disabled. The version of Android on this phone is fast and was worth the slightly higher price versus the model I had previously. I find that my favorite feature thus far is the stylus, which was not something I thought I wanted. But it’s super easy to use and works so much better than I expected from using them with other touch pad systems (think signature pads at retail stores).
    The battery life is pretty good – the day I received it, I used it pretty heavily for about 6 hours while migrating my info from my old phone, setting this one up on the network, and otherwise installing apps and checking out features and barely drained a quarter of the battery. Most days, I unplug it in the morning and find I have 30-40% still left when I go to plug it in for the night, and it charges to full in just under an hour.

    This phone also has a snap off back. Which is really a double edged sword. It’s great because it means you can replace your own battery, your micro SD card for expanding memory is protected inside the case instead of in a slot on the side where it is prone to damage, and at least with my old phone which had the same snap off back (exactly the same thing), dropping the phone generally results in the back snapping off, which absorbs most of the impact, leaving your phone undamaged, other than the battery lying on the floor. But at the same time, I replaced my old phone because those snaps eventually gave way. One by one they snapped off until I was holding it on with one little tab and electrical tape. So yeah, I highly recommend buying a case. I never got one for my old phone, but it still lasted 2.5 years with only cosmetic damage. I definitely purchased one for this one at the same time I purchased the phone.

    Other features I liked:
    – Reader-mode: Changes lighting/color specifically to make reading e-books or extended text easier on your eyes
    – Camera – it’s nice. Much nicer than the one from my LG Optimus 3, or any other phone available on Virgin that I looked at while shopping.
    – Power button/camera shutter button/volume is on the back. I used to kill my battery bumping buttons in my pocket.
    – Twice as much memory as my previous Virgin Mobile phone
    – Some of the preloaded stuff was just what I would have wanted anyway – Google Suite of Apps (music, drive, photos, messaging, hangouts, etc), Amazon Kindle. Even came preloaded with LG Backup which made porting the files and contacts from my old phone super easy.

    Not so great things:
    – Power port and headphone jack both on the bottom – a minor annoyance since I often listen to music in the evening and charge while I listen.
    – So much bloatware. But I was prepared. I figure it’s the price I pay for not shelling out $75-100/mo. to Sprint or Verizon on a contract. Some of what I call bloatware will probably be some things users would want though. For example, Instagram, Facebook, Amazon Music, and Youtube all came already installed. There were only a few that wouldn’t go away.
    – Large – The large screen is great for reading e-books and watching videos, but this will not fit in most of my pockets. Unless you wear cargo pants or medical scrub pants, you’re probably gonna have to get a belt clip or a purse to carry this guy around.

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  3. 18 of 18 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Very good budget phone with no major flaws., November 18, 2016
    Jeffrey L. (Exit 13) –

    Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    This review is from: LG Stylo 2 Prepaid Carrier Locked – Retail Packaging (Virgin Mobile) (Wireless Phone Accessory)
    Finally! 16gb internal storage on a budget VirginMobile phone means that it’s not completely crippled like all previous VM phones I’ve had (Tribute, Volt, original Stylo); even when I rooted and removed much of the bloatware on those phones. No more hunting through all my apps every week to clear data. No more searching through the Play store for the lowest memory apps. Sure, the 2gb internal memory and snapdragon processor are “adequate” but what do you expect for a $100 phone? It suits my needs perfectly and runs all my apps just fine. Be aware that Android 6+ does not allow you to move apps to the SD card; but I always found that doing that on older versions slowed things down, broke widgets and never saved that much memory anyway. I’m happy with just photos/videos/music living on the SD card.

    I have a few puzzle games installed but it’s not up to running demanding graphics-intensive games. But that’s why I built my i7/Nvidia 970 beast of a desktop PC. 🙂

    Anyway, general thoughts:
    – screen: good, crisp, 720 resolution is appropriate and easy to read. Don’t expect full HD for this budget. Max brightness is a little less than other phones I’ve had but still readable outside in full sun.
    – connectivity: pretty good cell-network connection and speed compared to other phones I’ve had although it ONLY does 2.4gHz wifi, it does NOT do 5gHz. That might be a deal-breaker for you.
    – form factor: I LIKE THE POWER BUTTON/VOLUME ROCKER ON THE BACK! Good for LG for giving us that choice despite the tyranny of side-buttons (that I accidentally press) on every other phone! I don’t *need* the huge phablet screen but it is nice and it does barely fit in my pocket when walking/standing – but I can’t sit or bend down to tie my shoes! The bezels could have been smaller, though; especially at top and bottom of screen. Wasted space. It is a very thin phone, though, which helps a lot.
    -battery life: very good. It lasts a full day of medium use just fine. 3000mAh battery with low power processor and low res display are a good combo for decent battery life. Android 6 is getting pretty smart about battery usage as well.
    – camera: shockingly high res for this budget. Photos are decent but not spectacular but I’m still experimenting.
    – voice calls: what are those again? 🙂 Sounds OK, better than previous phones. But I wish max volume was a little louder for noisy environments. People say I sound fine from their end so microphone is doing its job.

    Overall verdict: perfect budget phone for me. It’s not *amazing* but it has no major drawbacks.

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